The People's Festival in Portsmouth hosted by Rotary

Get ready for the delights of great speakers with ideas that need you to take Action.

We welcome all the way from Australia, Rotarian Mark Huddleston, a Rotary District Membership Chair with a big heart and lots to tell us about Creatures of Habit and ideas for Change.

Mark Huddleston is a much sought after and respected commentator on Rotary’s membership crisis, having presented on more than 200 occasions to clubs, conferences and training events across Australia and New Zealand. Mark has over 32 years combined

┬áMark has over 32 years combined experience in Rotaract and Rotary, and in 2018 published his first book “Creatures of Habit”, in which he outlines the underlying causes of our membership decline and presents a clear path to reinvention and rejuvenation.

Rotary in this event will Open Opportunities for you to take back to your communities that will help to Grow Rotary through new projects or working in collaboration with your communities and getting younger people involved through our partners in the Rotary Family.

we want to help launch opportunities for joining Rotaract in District 1110 as partners to all our Clubs.